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Health-related Information

Health related Web Content
The Public Health portal of the European Union [1]
HON (Health On the Net Foundation) [2]
CISMEF (Catalog and Index of French-speaking Medical Sites) [3]
OMNI (Organising Medical Networked Information - The UK Gateway to reliable health information) [4]
HealthInsite (The Australian Gateway to reliable health information) [5]
IHC (Internet Healthcare Coalition) [6]
URAC (American Accreditation HealthCare Commission) [7]
Hi-Ethics (TRUSTe E-Health Seal for health Web sites) [8]
AMA (American Medical Association) [9]
Healthcare Websites Accreditation Programme of Andalucia [10]
pWMC (proyecto Webs M├ędicas de Calidad) [11]
eEurope 2002: Quality Criteria for Health related Websites [12]

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