Quatro Usability Study

After downloading the document UserEvaluationYEL.doc read it carefuly to perform the user evaluation , fill the questionaire and send it to pnas@iit.demokritos.gr

WP5 Content Collection


HUT - Presentation

UEP Presentation 2

WMA Presentation WP2

WMA Presentation WP4

AQUMED Presentation 3

AQUMED Presentation 2

AQUMED Presentation 1

UEP Presentation

UNED - Lexical and Semantic Resources

UNED - Lexical and Semantic Resources Presentation

UNED - Content Classification Component

UNED - Content Classification Component Presentation

Dan Brickley

Dan Brickley's presentation

Barcelona Meeting Agenda

ICRA Labels

File contains the ICRA (http://www.icra.org) RDF Label that describes the site's content.

Testing the blog interface

Hello, My name is Matti Pöllä and I'm working on new methods for information extraction using statistical methods at the Adaptive Informatics Research Centre of Helsinki University of Technolog. Right now I'm merely testing to see how the drupal site works. Looks nice!

First Blog attempt

Welcome to my medieq blog. 

Project Objectives

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