How to Last Longer in Bed

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There’s a certain embarrassing rite of passage that almost every man will experience at one point in his life, usually in his younger, less experienced years. Many of us already know the pain of this particular humiliation, but very few of us would ever be willing to bring it up in conversation. For those who have been through this unpleasant experience it’s a source of shame, and for those who have not it’s a source of deep and abiding fear. I’m talking, of course, about premature ejaculation; a terror so profound that most men make it their life’s work to learn how to last longer in bed.

Not With a Bang, But a Whimper

Every man would like to think he’s a stallion in bed, able to bring a woman to her knees with a single touch, and able to last until sunrise without breaking a sweat. Of course most of us can’t lay claim to such sexual prowess, but from the day a young man loses his virginity – an event that’s usually over almost as soon as it begins – he strives for the secret of how to last as long as possible.

After those first few hurried, fumbling sexual encounters most men go on to enjoy a full and satisfying sex life. Unfortunately, for some men the path isn’t quite so easy. For some the problem of premature ejaculation never seems to go away. They find that no matter how hard they try to delay orgasm – no matter how much they try to distract themselves by thinking of multiplication tables, baseball statistics or other unsexy thoughts – the finale arrives before they’ve had the chance to really get the show started.

It’s embarrassing to climax too quickly, of course, but the humiliation isn’t the worst part. The truly upsetting thing about premature ejaculation is the blow to your confidence when you see the disappointment in your lover’s eyes. We all want to satisfy our partners in every way we can, and though there may be lots of things you can do in bed to keep your partner satisfied there’s nothing quite like the emotional connection that comes from two lovers coming to orgasm at the same time in each other’s arms.

How Common is Premature Ejaculation?

A problem like this can make you feel very lonely. Guys don’t like to talk about health issues at the best of times, but when it comes to the bedroom we’re a closed book. There are some subjects men just don’t talk about, ever, and thanks to our reticence to discuss the issue of premature ejaculation it can feel as if you’re the only man suffering with this problem.

The truth is that you’re not alone. In fact, premature ejaculation is by far the most common sexual dysfunction among men. We may not talk about it, but at some point in their lives between 20-30% of men suffer with the problem, and all of them are desperate to figure out how to deal with the issue.

Effective Answer to How to Last Longer in Bed

Most men are familiar with that point during sex, when she is wildly aroused and screaming “don’t stop!” Suddenly an overwhelming feeling of release washes over you, and you just cannot control yourself. A few jerks and shakes later, it is all over, much to the chagrin and frustration of your woman. It is the closest most men get to feeling like a complete idiot. The truth is men are hard wired to ejaculate as quickly as possible. It’s a natural instinct we all have to overcome. The upside is that every man can learn how to last longer in bed.

Even for those who last long enough, learning to last longer is a powerful sexual turn on. It lets you enjoy sex without anxiety, and guarantees satisfaction for your partner. It would really make a man feel good if he knew how to last longer in bed. Even though it is embarrassing to admit, many men today fail to satisfy their partners since they cannot last longer during sex.

To properly address this problem, Matt Gorden provides a simple comprehensive product called “The Ejaculation Trainer” that provides an effective training to help men deal with the problem they face with ejaculation thus you can overcome your fear, anxiety and embarrassment of Premature Ejaculation.

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Matt Gorden is an author who has written several books that help improve your sex life. Matt’s counsel and guidelines have helped many folks improve their sexual performance and transform their sex lives. Matt is an expert on seduction, persuasion and influence techniques. He has studied for seven years about sexual dysfunctions and how to overcome them.

What you should never do

Anxiety over sexual performance has made many men employ desperate measures to overcome it. There is a proliferation of pills, creams, sprays, and injections for preventing premature ejaculation. These drugs have dangerous side effects, even when approved. Furthermore, unscrupulous websites and shady stores stock highly dangerous miracle concoctions that offer little help.

There are also fancy equipment and condoms to help you last longer in bed. These interfere with sexual pleasure and performance, worsening the problem. Wearing a gadget to bed is also not a very arousing sight for anyone. The solution lies in natural and healthy ways, which you can use to master how to last longer in bed.

The role of your brain

Ejaculation is a process that is controlled by the brain. Knowing how to last longer in bed involves controlling your arousal level. Most men will quickly ejaculate when they are mentally stimulated. This is especially through touch, moaning by a woman, or stimulating mental fantasies. This is why men distract themselves during sex, by thinking of mundane things like sport.

The downside to this is that it takes your mind off sex, making you unable to concentrate on giving your woman pleasure. Worse still, it can completely turn you off and kill your erection! A great lover must focus on every subtle reaction, movement and arousal in his partner. This creates an intensely passionate moment, which women absolutely adore.

We can talk theory all day long, but I know what you’re really interested is where to find exact solutions for this premature ejaculation menace and how they’ll transform your life forever. Don’t get too excited because anything you approach you’ll need to put the techniques into action first.

• The ability to last in bed for as long as you want before you finish.
• A bigger and stronger erection to please your woman even more.
• Your penis will remain hard so you can keep performing after you ejaculate.
• Life-changing confidence thanks to your problem finally disappearing for good.

How To Last Longer - Matt Gorden Program

last longer in bed

The Ejaculation Trainer shows you many amazing ejaculation control techniques, explains them in detail, and shows you how to use them. Here are the real keys to success, all ready and waiting for you in the premature ejaculation treatment program as outlined in The Ejaculation Trainer:

1)Reprogramming your sexual confidence

Ejaculation Trainer Program helps reprogram your sexual confidence so you feel like a stud before sex starts. This is an ideal way to feel confident before you even get into bed. Half the fight with premature ejaculation is all about how you approach sex. Knowing with 100 percent confidence that everything will go well, even before you begin, is a huge step along the way to complete ejaculation control.

2)Breathe control

Breathe control helps to keep your arousal down and yourself relaxed while you enjoy all the pleasure of sex. Staying still rather than tensing up your body will enable you to stay longer in bed. You just need to know how to do it easily and simply.

3)Awareness of your body’s level of arousal

Simple awareness tips that will keep you focused on what you are doing from time to time so you can enjoy sex without ejaculating too soon.

4)PC muscle control

Knowing how to contract and relax this special muscle, which runs around the pelvic area and under the penis, can reduce your arousal while you continue to enjoy the pleasures of masturbation, oral sex, or intercourse. Any person who tells you that you can stop yourself from ejaculating by squeezing the PC muscle doesn’t know his or her ass from his/her elbow. However, if you know how, and when to use your PC muscle, it is one of your strongest allies in overcoming PE.

5)Ability to control your body’s arousal

All of the techniques in the premature ejaculation treatment program “Ejaculation Trainer” are focused on showing you how to keep control of your arousal and on important part of this program is made up of 15 emergency techniques you can use (not all at once) to control your ejaculation.

6)Mental and physical techniques that give you full control of how aroused you are

Ejaculation Trainer offers you techniques which give you the power to control your arousal so you stay longer in bed. These techniques include imaging, EFT, and NLP. They are state of the art, revolutionary ways to re-program your brain so that you stay longer in bed.

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7)An email hotline to the writer of the program

This is to ensure that you have full support as you discover how easy it is to control premature ejaculation. One of the best aspects of this program is that you are not abandoned after getting the information; you have instant email support from the writer, who is ready, willing, and available to answer all your questions.This is a priceless bonus.

Finally, controlling your sexual performance anxiety is extremely central to learning how to last longer in bed. In conclusion, you can expect that the Ejaculation Trainer will provide you with all the information you need on how to last longer in bed. It is definitely a complete program that can work for most men who aim to make their partners happy and fulfilled. If you want better sex, Ejaculation Trainer is definitely the product you are looking for at $49 only.