Services & Tools

MedIEQ is a technology project aiming to promote the use of machine readable labels, where different vocabularies can be used, as well as the use of technology to support the work of labelling experts in labelling new content and monitoring the already labelled one.

MedIEQ Services

Service Description Type
Use the MedIEQ Labeling Criteria to certify the quality of Medical Web Resources Vocabulary
Identify Unlabeled Web Resources having health-related content Web Tool
Visit and review of identified Unlabeled Web Resources Web Tool
Generate RDF Content Labels for the reviewed Web Resources Web Tool
Monitor Labeled Web Resources Web Tool
Extend MedIEQ Tools to support a new Language, Labeling Criteria and/or Labeling Authorities Guidelines

MedIEQ Tools

The Assisting Quality Assessment (AQUA) system

By analyzing the two main approaches of medical quality labeling (filtering portals and third party accreditation), we have identified the following key tasks, followed entirely or partially by most labeling agencies:

  1. Identification of new web resources: this could happen either by active web searching or by voluntary application from the information provider.
  2. Labeling of the web resources: this could be done with the purpose of awarding an accreditation seal or in order to classify and index the web resources in a filtering portal.
  3. Re-reviewing or monitoring the labeled web resources: this step is necessary to identify changes or updates in the resources as well as broken links and to verify if a resource still deserves to be awarded an accreditation seal.
As a result, the AQUA system was designed to support the main tasks of the web content accreditation process, that is:

  • Identification of unlabeled resources having health-related content
  • Visit and review of the identified resources
  • Generation of content labels for the reviewed resources
  • Monitoring the labeled resources
AQUA incorporates several subsystems and functionalities for the labeling expert, as presented in the above figure:
  • The Web Content Collection (WCC) component identifies, classifies and collects online content relative to the labeling criteria
  • The Information Extraction Toolkit (IET) analyses the web content collected by WCC and extracts attributes for the content labels
  • The Label Management (LAM) component generates, validates, modifies and compares the content labels
  • The Multilingual Resources Management (MRM) subsystem gives access to health-related multilingual resources
  • The Monitor-Update-Alert (MUA) tool handles the configuration of monitoring tasks, database updates, and alerts to labeling experts
AQUA currently supports eight European languages (English, Spanish, German, Finnish, Czech, Greek, Catalan and Swedish), as well as, the full set of MedIEQ Labeling Criteria .